Hi! I’m Grayce Curry

I am your tour guide and the shepherd of the admissions and enrollment process at the Emerson Waldorf School. Thank you for exploring our school for your family. We invite you to take the first step and schedule to meet with me. Have a question? Call me at 919-967-1858 ext 114.

Emerson offers an experience that is both healing and safe because your child feels truly known by their teachers. Our teachers hold each of their students in their hearts and minds.


I am sure you would agree that to learn, your child must feel a connection to their teacher, receive support, know their boundaries, and experience predictability. These essentials are the cornerstones of a Waldorf School experience at Emerson.

We live in a chaotic world and the Emerson community offers a healing balm that promotes wellness. I want this for you and I want this for your child.

Talk with you soon to share more!

Warm Regards, 
Grayce Curry

Enrollment Director
919-967-1858 ext 114

Our teachers and staff are dedicated to your children out of a deep belief that this approach to education, that integrates both the arts and sciences, can transform the world.