Parent Teacher Collaborative

The Parent Teacher Collaborative is the bedrock of our vibrant community. It provides a forum for parents to express ideas and concerns, while giving them the chance to work together to make EWS the best school possible.  The work of the Parent Teacher Collaborative is organized into three committees; there is a volunteer opportunity to suit everyone’s talents.


Heads Committee

The Heads Committee creates opportunities for parents to learn more about our school, Waldorf education, and parenting strategies.  In previous years, this group has sponsored lectures by authors Kim John Payne, Jack Petrash, and Michael D'Aleo, as well as special events including Waldorf 101, a Diversity & Cultural Film Series, a Nutrition Series, and several reading groups.

Hands Committee

The Hands Committee contributes physical support to our school, from labor and handwork to gardening and site beautification. Imagine gardening together with friends while children play on our beautiful campus!

Hearts Committee

The Hearts Committee nourishes the community with food, socials, community-building events, and support while nurturing a culture in which all feel welcome and appreciated. Members of the Hearts Committee love to bring people together and provide hospitality.

Regular activities organized by the PTC:

• Tea Tuesdays
• Farm Fridays
• Autumn Faire
• Spring Faire
• Enchanted Evening
• Teacher Appreciation
• Campus Beautification

For more information about the Parent Teacher Collaborative, please reach out: